CISTA's party political broadcast - the first ever by a cannabis reform party


  • CISTA, launched just 12 weeks ago, will have its first party political broadcast on BBC Northern Ireland and UTV.
  • Broadcast will be seen by millions as it will be available on Freeview 
  • Right-wing DUP has attacked the decision to grant broadcast

CISTA, or Cannabis Is Safer Than Alcohol, was formed just 8 weeks ago and already has 1,500 members across the UK. Because we've attracted 32 candidates who will be standing in the forthcoming general election on 7 May, as well as a significant number of candidates in Northern Ireland, the party has been given the opportunity to air a party political broadcast.

Incredibly, this is the first ever party political broadcast by a cannabis reform party. It shows the incredible response to our party, which
The political broadcast has been subject to a direct attack from the right-wing DUP. Meanwhile, CISTA goes from strength to strength in Northern Ireland.

The party's last recruit, which allowed it to claim a Party Political Broadcast, is Neil Paine, a 45-year-old former British soldier who lives in Coleraine. He is standing in East Londonderry where he hopes to unseat Gregory Campbell of the DUP. Paine, who is a medicinal cannabis user, has been raided by the police twice. Both times they did not charge him.

One voice in the broadcast, John Lycett Green, grandson of poet Sir John Betjeman who treated his mother using medicinal cannabis, said: “There is no point in blaming politicians for ignoring the facts. The real point is that CISTA candidates, if elected, will be able to make the case for a Royal Commission. This is the first step towards a reformed policy that will mean no one else will need to face the challenges that my mother suffered in her final months of life. I agreed to take part in this broadcast because I was convinced by the CISTA people that they genuinely believe they can make a difference on issues that Westminster chooses to ignore.”
One of the candidates featured in the PEB, Barry Brown, who is standing in West Tyrone, sums it up: “The people of Northern Ireland deserve a better way to bring about change, reform and progress than the one that the dinosaurs have promoted. We want people to know that CISTA stands up for decent people who want to live in a country where the laws about drugs make sense and allow people dignity and the right to make informed choices.”


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kurt mckonkey 2 years, 12 months ago

In your piece it says "Cannabis is safer than cannabis". Needs a correction to get the message across properly . You have our vote by the way. First party ever in my lifetime who I can relate to .

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kurt mckonkey 2 years, 12 months ago

Mistake in your piece, "Cannabis is safer than cannabis ". Take it you mean safer than acohol . You have our votes .

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