So we have contested our first General Election - less that three months after we formed ourselves into a political party. 
It has been quite a few months. It is important to now say thank you. 
Firstly, to our candidates who took the message for drugs policy reform out to every part of the UK. 
Secondly, to the almost 8,500 people who used their votes to back us in 32 seats - if we extrapolate this to every seat in Westminster we would have won in excess of 160,000 votes. 
Finally to you our members, our many volunteers and our fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter, where 98% of your comments have been positive and supportive. You have collectively drowned out the odd cynical, negative commenters with your goodwill and enthusiasm. 
Our first stage-post has been reached. We have now to build, learn, organise and plan ahead. You have, each of you, helped us make our mark. Over the coming days we will take our time to reflect, assess and prioritise how we move forward. Already elections are on the horizon next year in London, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. 
During the course of next week we will reach out to you and share our initial thoughts and ideas. There is lots we can build upon and of course much that can be improved on. We need to be much, much better at recruiting volunteers to our cause. No political campaign has succeeded and no cause has ever been won without an army of passionate, but disciplined and reliable volunteering. Now we have contested an election, the call for volunteering should be easier in the future. 
We will need your help in future campaigns to box leaflets, deliver them, canvass and drive people around etc. 
We also want to develop a new bigger, better membership offer and we will send more details regarding this very soon. 
Lastly, please take a look at this crowdfunding campaign to support a new documentary about the medicinal use of cannabis. You can donate here and read more about the film here. The team behind it URGENTLY need your support. There are just 33 hours to go...
My very best, 

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