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At CISTA we are constantly inspired by how campaigners in Colorado and other US states managed to build public support for reform. A significant part of the success came from their ability to draw on supporting attributions from a broad, diverse range of respected people from celebrities to politicians and academics.

CISTA are currently building a wall of people who support drug reform and an end to the war on drugs that has turned into a war on people. But we need your help to identify more British people, more women supporters and more from ethnic minority communities.  So please get in touch with us on Twitter, Facebook or with appropriate links.

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Grant Watkiss 2 years, 12 months ago

Cannabis needs to be regulated for use as it is less harmful than alcohol and has alot of medicinal qualities, and lots of other uses including food oil fiber etc, also if it was taxed and at least decriminalized it would help the economy and iradicate most of problems caused by gangsters

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