Welcome to CISTA: Stand in May


We're heartened and thrilled that hundreds of people have joined us in the first week. CISTA has emerged as a real political force.

The focus for us now is continuing to field candidates. If you're interesting in standing you can sign up here.

Over the last week we've had people of all ages and backgrounds coming forward asking to stand and explaining why cannabis legalisation is important to them. All candidates will be standing locally where they live or work.

We are building a diverse party that really represents the UK. Our candidates aren't career politicians - most will be in full time work or study - so we'll be providing a support network and training for whatever needs they have. Whether it's public speaking, social media or crowdfunding.

We will be supporting MPs from all parties who have proven their committment to reforming Britain's drug laws. So we will not stand candidates in constituencies with an existing MP who supports cannabis legalisation - so that means not challenging seats with current Lib Dem and Green MPs.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions, and share widely!

Paul Birch,

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